A new technology being developed by Wake Forest researchers could help reverse the devastating effects of deforestation and mining on the world's largest rainforest.

A visual history of human sensemaking, from cave paintings to the world wide web.

This Labor Day, appreciate and thank those—including yourself—for their hard work and contributions to society.

Labor Day’s Legacy

The first Monday of September is a special day in the United States. It’s a holiday for which the nation recognizes and celebrates the country’s past and current laborers. However, since its declaration as a federal holiday in 1894 its meaning has changed along with the country’s labor force.

…man’s food is intended to be grain and not meat. When mankind is more fully developed, the eating of meat will gradually cease.

In several different places throughout the Baha’i teachings, Abdu’l-Baha speaks about the bodily differences between carnivores and humans. He points out that human teeth are shaped to grind grain or to bite into fruit, not to tear meat apart. Unlike a lion or an eagle, humans do not have to eat animals to survive. Our digestive tracts are also very different from carnivores, and aid us to break down and absorb food thoroughly.

UK-based company Pro-Teq has developed a glow-in-the-dark product called “STARPATH” that can be applied to virtually any pavement surface to provide energy-free lighting once night falls. The material absorbs light during the day to create a luminous glow at night, and it is also non-slip and water-resistant, so it could reduce accidents while increasing visibility

This renewable energy generating tower located on the coast of Rio is one of the first buildings we’ve seen designed for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and boy, is it crazy! (In case you didn't notice, it's also a waterfall.) The Solar City Tower is designed by Zurich-based RAFAA Architecture & Design, and features a large solar system to generate power during the day and a pumped water storage system to generate power at night. RAFAA's goal is that a symbolic tower such as this can serve as a starting point for a global green movement and help make the 2016 Olympic Games more sustainable.

The Moon is coming back into the evening sky. Look for the waxing crescent low in the west-southwest in twilight, as shown at lower right. Can you make out Spica twinkling beneath it? Binoculars help. Far to their upper left are Saturn and Mars. 

Wind turbines in China. Investment in renewable energy exceeded $250bn last year. Photograph: Carlos Barria/Reuters

I suffered from persistent back pain for years. It would come and go seemingly without warning. I'm the kind of person who likes to be in control, and suffering from back pain that didn't have an obvious cause was maddening.

I'm an entrepreneur, and at the time my pain was at its worst, I was running a dot-com company with my brother in San Francisco. I spent many a day in my office, flat on my back, "grinding it out". My perfectionism-prone personality and commitment to being a responsible co-founder of a venture-backed company drove me to keep working, often 80+ hours per week, even when I was in terrible pain.