Now that we’ve made a post about all of the different types of crystals there are available, I thought it might be a good opportunity to talk about what we can use them for. Obviously, Crystals have many practical applications in the mainstream world. Did you know that all of our Computer Technology is based off of the core Element that Crystals are? Fyi – It’s Silicon, and that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

By Steven Bancarz| Is it possible that you literally have a third eye that connects you to spiritual dimensions?  The pineal gland is something that is spoken of the in the New Age community as being the intuition organ and the connection point between body and spirit, but very few people realize that the pineal gland is in fact a literal eye. 

The study of sacred geometry was passed down over thousands of years from the ancient mystery schools. The most common geometries considered sacred are the Egyptian Flower of Life, the Hebrew Vesica Piscis and the Italian Borromean Rings (also known as the Holy Trinity).

Is consciousness generated by the activity of the brain or is it a fundamental property of the universe? The IONS research team has been studying this question for several years using various kinds of optical systems. Our latest experiments, published recently in the journal Physics Essays, confirm our earlier findings.

With drought causing havoc worldwide, water-based technology offers hope. Oliver Balch looks at prize-winning innovations

This story originally appeared in Slate and is republished here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Astronomers have detected gamma-ray emission from three classical novae, an unexpected discovery that has left them perplexed.

A team of Michigan State University researchers have discovered a bacterium that has the ability to withstand incredible amounts of toxicity to create 24-karat gold. This process, known as microbial alchemy, will help scientists turn a substance of no value into a solid, precious metal.


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