In 1922 the archeologist Howard Carter entered the tomb of Tutankhamen and set off a period in architecture that was inspired first by Egyptian and later by Mayan motifs discovered in tombs and temples. This period is known as the Art Deco period. San Francisco has many examples.

This is the meaning of acceptance. It's a choice one makes to let go. Let things be as they may. Relax the mind. This is when you hear God's voice and you know all is well. (Sonia Cruz de Baltodano)

This explains how it is possible for everything that could possibly be is happening , as I write, in parallel universes. This material world is made up of subatomic particles that can change in an instant creating waves of change around it. 

Hence if one person changes attitude everything around that person is transformed to reflect the new reality. 

I want to record this on my mind in black, large and giant not to pass a point in my life where these commands are missing. 

Shakespeare said:

I always feel happy, you know why?
Because I do not expect anything from anybody;
expect always hurts.
The problems are not eternal,
always they have a solution.

The only thing that is not resolved is death.
Life is short, so love her,
I am happy and always smiling.

Live intensely and remember:
Before speaking... listening
Before writing... think
Before criticizing... Examine
Before hurt... Feel
Before praying... Forgive
Before hate... Love
Before spending... Desire
Before giving up... Try
Before he die... Live !!




Not only do I agree but I am building one. ‪#‎childrenGardening‬ ‪#‎HabitArte ‬‪#‎ElBajo ‬‪#‎Managua‬ ‪#‎Nicaragua‬ (Sonia Cruz de Baltodano)

A few years ago the children at our school grew, harvested and, ultimately, ate a giant, two-pound carrot.

Kombucha is a lightly effervescent fermented drink. I have it as a tea. It is made from yeast and bacteria, the good kind. Promoted as a cure for baldness, insomnia, intestinal disorders,arthritis, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis,AIDS, cancer. It works by boosting the immune system.  Could be counter indicated for people taking medical drugs, hormone replacement therapy. May also cause allergic reactions.

This is a citrus solvent that I use to wash off pesticides, soil, chemicals and wax from my fruits and vegetables. You pour 1/4 cup and soak leafy greens for 10 seconds and rinse off. For hard fruits and veggies you pour the solution in to a spray bottle; spray on , rub and rinse.
It has , corn, coconut oil, citrus oil, grapefruit seed extract and glycerin( from the coconut oil)

Ayahuasca is in many ways an NDE. One becomes aware of where the limit between body and soul is; and with a clear understanding of our place in the universe . We are but one note in a grand symphony. Whose grandiosity depends on our collective effort (comment by Sonia Cruz de Baltodano)

Economists tout China's economic development a miracle and assure us that it is poised to surpass the US economy by 2020.

But their unquenchable thirst for growth has burned through the resources the country had to offer. Their forests are bare, their soil is depleted of nutrients and their waters are contaminated. Though they are the 2nd largest economy they are also the # 1 polluters of the environment a title that puts their own lives at risk and that of the entire planet.