After 10 days in the Amazon river I met my husband in Lima. Together, we flew to Puno. Then drove to lake Titikaka, on the border of Peru in search for extra-terrestials. 

We saw none.

The lake is the largest, the highest and the deepest in South America. Titikaka ( Stone Puma in Quechua) is millions of years old. Its history encompasses the passage of many civilizations in South America.

41 islands rise from the waters. The largest Isla del Sol lies off the tip of Copacabana , Bolivia.

Ruins attest to the existence of the Tiahuanaco culture, (fathers of the Inkas) whose founder, Manco Capac and Mama Oclio, are believed to have been sent to earth by the Sun and to have risen from the waters of the lake to found their empire. 

The photos I took show a beautiful and eery landscape. 

The locals , who still speak Quechua, will tell you many accounts of their interactions with their mysterious but friendly neighbors, whose existence they do not doubt.

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