I discovered a love for the mountains as a child growing up in Nicaragua. This central American country has more volcanoes per square mile than any other nation in the world.

My father and mother were fond of creating excursiones in our Land rover tho the crater tops, lakes and ashen beaches dotting our land.I Remember from a very early age being struck by an overwhelming sense of adventure and and discovery. When my family moved to Boston, Massachusetts, we continued the outdoor treks, driving out in a Chevrolet Impala to the evergreen forest and emerald Lakes of the mountains in New Hampshire. Boarding to school, in New Hampshire, where i met Eric Ruttenberg the first of the Kili expeditionists, only picked further my interest in outdoors.

I designed this blog so I could share what I feel is relevant news. As a teenager I learned to clip  information  which I organized in to files that I have kept for decades.Never wanting to part with them because to me they were important ideas. ideas I never wanted to forget. ideas I wanted to be able to refer to when I needed to know something on a speciffic matter. And this is what my blog is about, clippings.

He had a very well developed corpus collosum which allows communication between the 2 hemispheres of the brain. Guess who else has this characteristic? WOMEN that is why we multitask so well.

Scientists have been studying Einstein’s brain ever since he died in 1955. Since then they have a discovered a few things about his brain that is different than the average brain.

We visited the Aymara people who live on a small , 2 1/2 mile island called Taquile in Lake Titicaca.

Evidence exists that the Aymaras were an ancient culture that was conquered by the Inkas in the 15th century.

Some 350 families live naturally and with an innocence, not seen in western culture for hundreds of years. Their is no electricity, cars, roads or police. The men spin yarn and weave. The man with the finest weaving skills is also the most eligible bachelor. 

After 10 days in the Amazon river I met my husband in Lima. Together, we flew to Puno. Then drove to lake Titikaka, on the border of Peru in search for extra-terrestials. 

We saw none.

The lake is the largest, the highest and the deepest in South America. Titikaka ( Stone Puma in Quechua) is millions of years old. Its history encompasses the passage of many civilizations in South America.

41 islands rise from the waters. The largest Isla del Sol lies off the tip of Copacabana , Bolivia.

Hace 1,500 años, en las Pampas de Jumana, en el desierto de Nasca, fueron trazadas figuras antropoformas , zoomorfas, fitomorfas y geometricas - visibles solo desde el cielo.

Lo cual lo deja a uno pensando quienes eran estos artistas? Cuales eran sus intenciones?

Anita is the fabulous cook at the Amazonian Sanctuary of Choque Chinchay. She prepared for us traditional Peruvian food like this tamal wrapped in banana leaves and boiled for hours.

It is made from white corn and spiced with her own special, secret blend. I ate it. As it is all part of the experience of being " out there" or maybe should I say " in there" ?

Potato field in Puno. After and hour's drive we arrived at lake titikaka/Inkaterra hotel which I can only describe as enchantingly beautiful with a prodigious view of the lake.