At Foundation Monseñor Lezcano Inc, we invest in parks for children, because play is important to their physical, social, emotional and creative development.

During play, children learn to relate to others and develop emotional maturity. Competence in school is largely attributable to a child's social I.Q.

That is their ability to interact positively with peers and adults

"As with the Kennedy assassination. I remember in small detail what I was doing that day. By chance my husband and I had traveled from New York to visit West Berlin. When we heard the news that the East Germans would allow, effective immediately, free travel for their citizens we took a cab to the Brandenburg Gate.

For months East Germans had been fleeing to West Germany through the Hungarian and Chez borders. The regime was humiliated by the public spectacle of citizens fleeing East Berlin. Spurred by non-governmental organizations and church groups demonstrators marched clamoring for change but also fearing for their lives. Party leaders did not want to open the borders and allow their citizens to travel freely. Under tremendous pressure and some say by mistake on November 9, 1989 the East German government made the awaited announcement.

"It gives me great pleasure to see that my daughters' generation cares about the environment and is willing to defend it and treat it with respect.  By 20016 world population is expected to hit 17 billion.  Considering what we have done and continue to do to the environment  urgent measures are necessary if we are to survive on this planet . Gabriela Ulvert is the young mother of 2 grade school age girls in Nicaragua working to raise consciousness regarding the importance of preserving our forests. In this interview for Hola magazine Gabriela talks about the challenges of living here but also of the opportunities for doing good that exist when you live in a country where much remains to be done. Gabriela feels that preservation is key to the future of her children and all people.

I have spent the last ten years in a quest to answer that very question. The answer for me is to work for the common good. To be part of the solution and not part of the problem. But How ? The world is so large and the problems so overwhelming.  What I discovered is that by simply asking the question , waiting and observing ...the answers come.

Mi país se llama Sísifo y tiene 200 años de estar desesperado.
Al amanecer pregunto por las estrellas de Sísifo
y los astros me responden que desde hace muchos siglos
se deshacen en cuarzos desperdiciados en volcanes dormidos
y que los despales inmisericordes de su verde cabellera
se ven desde el cielo como cicatrices en el cuerpo de la tierra.
Mi corazón hace que mi impulso desaparezca.

I met Patricia Urquiola in Milan many years a go when I visited my daughter who was doing an internship with her studio. She designs for Agape, Flos, Foscarini, Moroso, Vuitton, Mandarin Oriental.. to name a few and covers the field of architecture, interiors and product design. 
Admito que no me leido la ley del canal. Es enorme. Pero lo voy a hacer. Es un tema que me interesa mucho por que tiene el poder de alterar nuestro DNA nacional y social. Ya se que económicamente lo anuncian como el gran triunfo de nuestro siglo. Pero no soy de las que cree que el desarrollo es lo mas maravilloso y todo debe sacrificarse ante ese altar.

I was bullied in grade school in Cambridge. It is a humiliating and soul wrenching experience. It really makes you turn inwards and away takes decades to build back your confidence. Some never do.

Sangre de Mujer. Introducción a la presentación del libro "El intenso calor de la luna" de Gioconda Belli por Sonia Cruz de Baltodano 

Gioconda Belli, autora de poemas y novelas de trascendencia en las cuales registra con coraje y arte todo lo que ella ve y siente, nos obsequia una nueva obra que titula " El Intenso Calor de la Luna".

A través de su prosa he llegado a admirar a esta revolucionaria mujer que comparte sin recato todo lo que vive. Para mi es fascinante descubrir en ella a una arquitecta literaria que erige con palabras monumentos sin grieta alguna.  Y como soy alguien que opera en el ámbito de crear espacios, le rindo el sombrero.