I Laughed When I Heard Of A Way To Become A Reiki Master Without Years Of Classes Or An Instructor, Then I Tried It...

Can you blame me for being skeptical?

I'd been teaching Reiki techniques professionally for over eight years.

Hundreds of students had come to me to learn how to heal themselves and others.

I didn't believe anything could replace the one-on-one instruction I could offer my students.

Discover The Comfort, Joy & Inner Peace That Answers About The Afterlife Can Provide

Unlock the mysteries of life after death and explore the enlightening discoveries of a private investigator’s 15-year investigation. This book is a comprehensive resource answering 150 of the most crucial questions about what happens when we die.

For many of us, anger and despair are all too common. We witness heartbreaking levels of human suffering and the ongoing destruction of our planet, and anger becomes a natural response. Yet the world’s spiritual leaders consistently remind us that anger and suffering are the roots of love and compassion. So how do we transform our anger to compassion?

What if this life and existence was all just a dream? Lets take a moment to explore this idea, let it dance around inside you.

What if each time you died you then picked a new dream? What if you could dream whatever dream you wanted to? Would you pick a new reality? Would you become a Jedi of the republic, or a wizard alongside Harry Potter? Or would you be right here where you are right now?

Alan Watts paints in his beautiful way the possibilities that lie within us and the unlimited creative potential. If time only exists here then there is unlimited time to experience everything you can imagine. Check it out!

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You don’t have to be Dr. Dolittle to create a level of communication with Animals, in fact, it’s simpler than you think. You actually do it every time you interact with an animal, believe it or not.

The trick is recognizing what you’re saying to them, and what they’re saying to you, and then communicating in a way that they can understand what you’re telling them. With a little practice, it is possible for anyone to acquire the skill to do so. The key is patience and love.

Yep, you read that right.  The secret to attaining happiness is counter-intuitive to everything we’ve been told through our whole lives. Yet, how many of us are wildly successful millionaires? Maybe we got something backwards.

So, stop setting goals. Thats it? Can it truly be so simple?! Please understand, we’re not saying to stop having logical directions in your life. It’s more about looking at the bigger picture of your life, everything that’s going on, and responding in the moment with your intent, rather than climbing a ladder that ultimately only serves to take you in circles.

The age-old practice of ayurveda has been reinterpreted in Western terms at spas from Miami to Mexico. But is this self-help, feel-good version really what it’s all about? Anne Marie Gardner travels to the source.

The days go by...

I have tasted how life can be 
off the grid 
I have reengaged with life
but I feel as if my wings need tuning,
my feathers cleaning. 
And I conclude. I must go back 
deep again 
in to the jungle

 — at Taquile Island - Lake Titicaca, Perú.

We exist on the surface..
away from what is real.

What is at the core of us?
Yours is the journey
to discover. 
Then starts
the balancing act
of learning to engage 
with the world 
on our own terms.