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To prepare the ground for future transformation, it is often necessary to seek therapeutic support as part of a healthy self care regimen. We don’t have to tough it out alone. In fact, transformation is only possible when we first address our pain and our fears. This is something that cannot be denied or glossed over. It was essential in my own healing journey. [Read: Hope Is a Good Breakfast - 3 Tools to Help You Through Tough Times]


Physical exercise should be a nonnegotiable part of everyone’s self care program. Through the discipline and structure of daily walking, I was able to channel the streets of my grief through the physical body where we all tend to hold our pain. This is how I stayed entered even before I could talk about it in therapy. Find what works for you.

Setting new goals and taking calculated risk, is how to begin to map out a course to a new life rich with purpose and personal meaning. This can even be a way to honor your loved one. It’s true that grief never really goes away, though we can feel enlivened through healthy risk taking and the often positive change that follow. [Read: 5 Ways to Grow From a Traumatic Experience]

The way we become resilient is through embracing life’s challenge; it’s learning to bounce back in the midst of the chaos and pushing beyond our self-imposed fears and limits. Only this way can we truly become more than who we were before our loss.

Self-acceptance has been the greatest gift of all for me, and it can be for you as well.

Not everyone will take the path of it’s choice and a responsibility - to be more than who you were before your lost, and to make a difference in the world by helping others. The alternative is merely survival.

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