After graduating university with a law degree, David Grossman promptly moved from New York City to the jungle. Well, that’s the short take on a long, lovely story. Since 2010, Grossman has been living in Maderas, Nicaragua, as co-founder ofMaderas Village, a dream-inducing boutique hotel, and CEO of the Maderas Collective line of furniture and accessories as beautiful as its hotel namesake. Grossman often winds down in the stately city of Granada. If you, too, are lured by the colonial-era architecture and the fresh water of Lake Nicaragua, Grossman offers his guide to the perfect day there.

Wake up in style
“In terms of lodging, there is truly no better option than Tribal Hotel. Tribal is a newcomer to the emerging culture in Granada — and a most welcomed one at that. Owners Yvan Cussigh and Jean-Marc Houmard are seasoned veterans of the New York restaurant scene and their attention to detail in the design and presentation is evident throughout the seven-room hotel. Wake up at the Tribal Hotel, take a dip in the pool and enjoy one of the epic iced coffees and before starting the day.”

Check out the volcanic vista over breakfast
“A visit to Granada is not complete without a stop at the Mombacho Volcano. Hop in a taxi for the quick 10-minute drive to the volcano, then take the hour-long hike up to Cafe Las Flores for the most incredible view of Granada and Lake Nicaragua. (You can see all the way to the nation’s capital, Managua.) Enjoy the view over a fresh breakfast, then take off on either a tour of the coffee production, or grab a bird watching or canopy tour.”

A taste of Paris for lunch
“Taxi back into Granada for lunch at Espressonista Coffee Bar. It is a café on the level you would expect in Paris and it has, hands down, the best coffee in Nicaragua. The menu is full of locally sourced treasures and the presentation is excellent. They have a cheese plate sourced from the mountains of Nicaragua that should not be missed.”

Get lost
“The best part of Granada is that it is the best place in Nicaragua to go for a long stroll. It is well worth spending a few hours walking the streets and simply seeing what can be discovered. The cathedrals are all worth visiting, particularly Iglesia La Merced, where you can climb to the top of the bell tower and catch an incredible 360-degree view of the city. The San Francisco Conventhouses an art museum and a rich history as America’s William Walker’s fort during his brief ‘presidency’ of Nicaragua.”

Then get shopping
“Spend some good time walking Calle La Calzada, where you can find local art, handicrafts, leather goods and many historical buildings. Close by there is a 100-year-old-plus cement tile factory that you can visit and see the craftsmen employing the same techniques they did more than a century ago.”

Cocktail hour (cigar hour, too)
“After strolling around town, end up at Mombacho Cigars, where I’d enjoy the sunset, some Flor de Cana 18-year rum, and a Mombacho cigar. It’s an incredible place to watch the sun setting over the 
tiled roofs of the city and to see first hand how cigars are made.”

A spicy end to the day
“After freshening up back at Tribal Hotel, head toEl Zaguan Restaurant for dinner. Nicaragua’s grass-fed beef is one of the main attractions and is hard to pass up. Enjoy it with their famous jalapeño sauce. After dinner, head back to La Calzada to enjoy a few drinks among the busy outdoor bars and restaurants that line the pedestrian-only street. It’s full of life and really, the only way to end a day in Granada.”


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