Calling all modern travelers. Thinkers, doers, movers & shakers to the magnificent Maderas Village - just off the beaten boho path in a cooly coastal town on the hillside of Nicaragua. 

Beachy jungle vibes prevail here at this bohemian chic beaut, where cabanas and casitas were built to assimilate into the natural landscape - but provide meaningful connections for your closest. We are a boutique resort with 20 rooms, ranging from individual beds to spacious cabanas that can accommodate up to 35 guests. CASA With each building housing a range of multi-purpose rooms designed for single travelers, couples, or small groups alike, the Casas offer open-air living, views of the ocean, prime jungle positioning, and the space to do whatever it is that you came here to do.


Please note that all guests have access to the common space available in each CASA.

CASITAS The Casitas provide a three part experience within one structure: a covered terrace balcony where guests can do private yoga sessions or lie in the hammock; the main bedroom and bathroom with screened views of the surrounding jungle; and the upstairs loft, which offers an above-the-canopy perspective.

CABANAS Immerse yourself in the jungle tree canopy via the luxuriously rustic experience of a private Cabana. Designed with one full sliding, floor-to-ceiling screen wall, these bright, airy and spacious (520 ft2 ) structures offer a true indoor/outdoor experience, as well as a bit more seclusion to get away from it all.

PENTHOUSE Designed to be the ultimate showcase of paradise, the Penthouse is situated in the original Maderas Village property structure and features unparalleled views of the Pacific and the rest of the Village at large. A favorite spot to check which way the surf is breaking, the suite comprises a full private level including bench seating, an infinity terrace, a rooftop garden, and a spacious, open bedroom (225 ft2 with an en suite washroom).


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