You Can Train Anywhere
We’re busy moms and business owners (just like you!), so we understand how hard it is to find time to work out every day. But we promise it’s not impossible. And now, with summer quickly approaching, it’s the time to get in as much exercise as possible. Whether you’re at work, the grocery store or even a park with your kids, there is chance to burn calories and tone your body. Read on for moves that can be done anywhere—no bulky equipment necessary.


1. Planks
The plank pose may be challenging, but you’ll burn loads of calories doing it. Doing a blank every day—work up to 60 seconds, then 90, then even two minutes—will get your abs in top shape. In just a few seconds, you’ll feel a burn and know the plank is working.

Start on your forearms with your legs straight behind you. If you need a break, rest your knees on the ground for a few seconds, then straighten your legs again. (Tip: You want to be in one straight line—think a yardstick from your head to your glutes—to make it most effective.) Your butt should be low, not sticking up in the air. Don’t forget to tighten your entire mid-section by pulling your navel to your spine and squeezing your glutes. Experts say that less than 10 minutes of planking a few times a week flattens abdominals more effectively than a thousand crunches.

2. Punch With A Shuffle & Jumping jacks
Both these exercises provide a quick cardio burst and work your arms and legs. To make it a fun family activity, your kids will probably love to join in. (Ours do!) Jumping jacks and shuffles with a punch are an effective way to increase your heart rate and torch calories. If you don’t want to jump, no problem! Just tap your legs from side to side; make sure to keep moving your arms.

3. Sprint & Walking Lunges
Many parks have tracks, so this is another fun one to do with the kids. Challenge your kids to a sprint and then lunge back! If you don’t have a track at your local park, just run around the perimeter of the park. Run for about 20 seconds, and then lunge back to your starting point. No park? No problem. Run on the sidewalk in front of your house (for about a block), and then lunge back. Lunges work your glutes, quads, hamstrings and core—pretty much anything from your waist down. Your legs will look great in your short summer dresses!

4. Ankle-Band Exercises
Ankle bands like our Bonnie & Tracy band can be kept in your purse for an easy on-the-go workout. Arms, legs, abs—everything gets toned! Fun fact: Whether you’re on the beach, at your house or waiting for a delivery guy to arrive, it just takes a quick minute to get going with these bands. We love putting them on and watching our favorite guilty-pleasure TV shows while working out.


5. Push-ups, box jumps and step-ups
We love doing this quick set any time we are near a set of stairs. Pushups work your whole body, especially your core and arms, while box jumps strengthen your legs and increase your muscle tone from head to toe. (We are big fans of plyometric exercises like box jumps, in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time). End this rotation with step-ups to get kick back into cardio mode. Don’t worry if you don’t have a step or aren’t near stairs. Simply jump in place, or run in place.



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