"Billions of dollars are made each year on an industry that produces a non nutritive,high calorie, completely artificial beverage. It is a triumph of marketting that we ever got hooked on this." Sonia Cruz de Baltodano

Soda is one of the most common drinks available today, yet it is also one of the most unhealthy.  We buy the occasional coke here and there without even knowing what the

Amazing invention. Specially for people who live in areas subject to hurricanes and tornados. One could apply it to anything that needs structural strengthening. The challenge is to make it attractive. So you can leave it on permanently. Not just when there is an imminent threat.

Imagine: a hurricane is barreling towards your house, but instead of hiding in the basement, you can stay safely and comfortably in your living room, all thanks to your X-Flex

Death rates from cancer have only fallen by 10%in the last decade. Successful cancer treatments are those in which a person's life is extended for up to 10 years. The other half don't survive the treatments because the immune system (which is what keeps you alive and healthy) becomes compromised. Sonia Cruz de Baltodano

In stead of using repellents and pesticides plant these herbs. Sonia Cruz de Baltodano

Are you an insect magnet? If you aren’t, you probably know one. Insect magnets attract annoying insects the second they walk outdoors — or so it seems.

"I don't agree with the conclusions. The information regarding the health issues we face is true. Worth reading it and paying heed, We have been exposed to the damages of improper nutrition, overmedication, use of pesticides and agrochemicals, radiation etc...but it is largely due to our own ignorance and the urbanization of mankind. We congregate in large masses and put tremendous demands on the food system."  Sonia Cruz de Baltodano

Studies show an increase in breast cancwr aafter screening and no,decrease in breast cancer because if screening. Radiation on the body for any reason should be avoided. 

I believe that if you did have a tumor, the last thing you would want to do is crush that tumor between two plates, because that would spread it. – Dr. Sarah Mybill, General Practitioner (taken from the documentary trailer below)

"Buena manera de conseguir vivienda gratis y darle un poco de amor a los olvidados." Sonia Cruz de Baltodano

NINETY-TWO-YEAR-OLD Johanna beams at the 20-year-old stepping into her room - not a visiting grandson, but rather a housemate at her retirement home.
Town planning student Jurrien is one of six who have chosen to live in the yellow-brick home in Deventer in the eastern Netherlands as part of a unique project that benefits everyone.