I believe people need inspiring figures in particular women because while attending to the many demands of our lives we sometimes loose our paths and identities.  

So a I think it a worthwhile pursuit to identify for womankind women of substance. #WomenofSubstance

I nominate Katharine Hepburn as # 1 in my list of women of substance. Hepburn, actress of film , stage and television, had one of the longest running acting careers. She had a natural beauty and a classic style that was unaffected by hollywood glamour. She never pandered to the expectations of others about who she should be.  Remaining true to herself to her last day. 

Sonia Cruz de Baltodano

When asked about her decorating skills and her gardening, in her answers, her casual un presumptive ways are in full display: 

There is no design, “Hepburn says of her houses. “They are not decorated, there are no curtains, everything is casual.” That means worn oriental rugs, white slip-covered chairs, a clutch of collectibles - a stuffed duck, a toy soldier, African masks. “ I don’t love anything particularly; it has all just happened through the years ". “What she does have a passion for is flowers. “ I love all those wildflowers, beach peas, Queen Anne’s lace and goldenrod.” She admitted, “I’m not mad about goldenrod, but there it is, for better or worse. “She is an active gardener" but she says. “My gardens are lousy; they’re owned by someone who has no time and they look that way.”  (Hartford, Connecticut, May 12, 1907 - Jun 29,2003)


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