My 6th Woman of Substance was the daughter of the Maharajá of Cooch Behar, a wondrous place located at the foot of the Himalayas, at a time in India when being a Maharaja's daughter meant something. As such, she was raised in a sumptuous palace staffed with 500 servants. Yes, you read that correctly. Five hundred people tended to her family's needs.

She was once considered one of the world's most beautiful women and like in all fairy tales. She married a dashing prince, Jai, the Maharajá of Jaipur. He was also sexy, good looking and a mean polo player who was Educated in England and played polo with other royals.

Her name was Gayatari Devi. I came to know of her when I visited Jaipur, a pink walled city of unparalleled beauty, and stayed at Rambagh Palace, once her home and now a 5 star hotel. She was of strong character and great intelligence and achieved far beyond the limits of other Maharinis of her time. To name a few:  Supreme politician: She conquered the political world by winning a seat in parliament with one of the greatest majorities ever seen in India.

Educator: She founded not one but several progressive schools. Some of the graduates are today ministers, ambassadors, civil servants, ambassadors, environmentalists, doctors, professors and women of excellence in all walks of life. 

Benefactor: She managed the Sawai Jai Singh Benevolent Fund serving the needs of poor families in what was once the state of Jaipur.

For many in Jaipur she is today a patron saint, admired for the love she gave to her people and her good deeds.

To me she is worthy of admiration because she was born to the superfluous but did not allow herself to be defined by that. She was "in the world" but was not "of the world."

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