Many of us turn our backs on the one thing we know for sure that we will all die at one point or another. However, as we age the subject becomes unavoidable. Some people become depressed others seek greater meaning in their lives.

I nominate Elisabeth Kubler- Ross, a psychiatrist  and spiritualist  who dedicated her practice to studying the terminally ill as my 7th woman of substance for helping to change our perceptions on an ignored but important fact, dying.

Because of her work with these patients Kubler-Ross is known as the founder of hospice care. Her interviews with the terminally ill resulted in a book  titled "On Death and Dying"  where she identifies 5 Stages of Grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Through her work she became acquainted with near death experiences . Numerous patients, spoke to her in near identical  terms,  of having experiences of floating above their bodies and being met by beings that lead them towards a light at the end of a tunnel.

For publishinq these findings she was vilified  within the medical community. This , however , did not stop her.

After suffering a brain stem stroke, Kubler- Ross, reported some near death experiences of her own. Before a skeptical world  she dared to say that "death does not exist."

That  we "transition" from our material world  to a spiritual world." Seven years before her death she further declared  that  death, far from being the dark , depressing experience we all believe it to be " can be one of the greatest experiences ever."

I have come to believe this is true and that life itself  becomes  enhanced by this knowledge. Free from fear of dying we bring a deeper commitment to achieving happiness in life because  we are


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