I nominate Ana Eleanor Roosevelt as my 9th woman of substance for her inspiring life and determination in helping the impoverished and the marginalized sectors of society. Born in 1884, in the state of New York, in to a  wealthy and aristocratic family that produced two presidents, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt. She was niece to the first, cousin and wife to the second.

Standing at 5'11 inches tall she was a striking and imposing personality. Though she was a society lady by birth - Eleanor was not interested in leading the life of a debutante. She became active in the social reform movement  of the Progressive Era where she became a passionate defender of the poor.

When her husband was elected to the senate  she  attended legislative sessions and developed what many describe as  her "political sagacity" which she parlayed in to an unofficial career in reform politics.

She was the voice of the Women's City Club of New York. Her duties for the organization included  writing, lecturing and working in national broadcast radio- informing women on political issues that concerned them. This experience lead her to become involved with the League of Women Voters, promoting the ideals and platform of the Democratic Party.

As a member of the World Peace Movement she helped to organize and chair a committee that motivated people, through an open competition, to conceive the best plan for a lasting world peace.

As First Lady she served the country for 12 years, presiding at the White House during the Great Depression and during World War II.  Because polio had left Franklin with limited physical capacities she took on the role of unofficial Administration  representative, at times, speaking on policy related issues. She continued her work as a writer , public speaker and media personality gathering public support for efforts she believed in.  In terms of her life experiences  and deeds as First Lady , Eleanor Roosevelt was unprecedented  and an example for those who would assume that role  by forging a new image of what being a First Lady could mean.

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